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30 Nov

Should You Begin A Business In Wellington?

Posted in Business on 30.11.15

Truth be told, I believe the difficulty of most developing countries in cultivating their respective economies are stringent laws. These arcane laws, dating back three decades in the past, disables plenty of normal folk in creating businesses that would help improve small economies, which would benefit the country if they multiplied in throves.

New Zealand is a perfect country for these endeavours particularly because of the lack of bureaucracy.

Wellington, and respectively the entire New Zealand, is ranked by the World Bank as the world’s easiest country to set-up a business and the easiest to conduct business with. Doing business in New Zealand is simple. Albeit still a bit difficult to reach because travellers have to head to Auckland before reaching Wellington, the latter is the place to create business.

The traffic-less cities and the proximity of different offices can be reached in less than 10 minutes using a car or about 20 minutes while walking. It’s easier to grow connections and create better decisions without the hassle of traffic, making it a potential ground for making your own business mark.

Also, in Wellington, there is no payroll tax. Company tax might be 28 per cent and income tax rate of 33 per cent, but this is very reasonable compared to other congested cities in different countries. In Wellington, even in Auckland, you may enjoy the crisp clean air and a beautiful harbour to work with.

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01 Oct

How To Succeed As A Business Leader? You Just Need Three Things

Posted in Business on 01.10.15

It’s either you make it or break it in the business world. You win or you lose. You could also float. But successful business leaders once settled to lose and to be afloat before they won their bragging rights as top-notch CEOs in today’s world. Planning to become an industry leader soon? You’d better know about these three things!

Small Baby Steps

Your foundation is your start as an established business leader. You’ve seen the big target. Now it’s time to look for the strongest hooks to hang your ropes that would allow you to climb upward to your end-goal as a business leader. Celebrate each small win as they are your baby steps. Eventually, you will learn how to walk briskly, run and fly like most business leaders today

Say No

Saying no isn’t outright rudeness. It’s a sign you know what you’re doing with your business. Every opportunity is a possible bridge to success or a land mine. Everything can explode in your face if you don’t pay attention to details. Saying no means you have a strong sense of priority and you know what to spend your time on. In essence, you might view it as knowing when to say yes.

Do Less

Make things simple. Never try to do so many things all at once. The more you do, the more you achieve isn’t the case. Many people want to do everything.

See your smartphone? It could do everything for you. Focus on individual projects rather than tackling multiple ones where you could lose your focus.

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29 Jul

Twitter’s Stock Is Skidding

Posted in Business on 29.07.15

In what might be Twitter’s biggest challenge yet, recovery in the Q2 allowed them to stay afloat and provide for investor expectations. However, the company’s slowdown in terms of user growth is sending the company’s stock down the line.

Twitter shares had reversed course immediately during the conference call. Today, they are trading down by 12% after earnings calls.

The statement from Twitter Finance Chief Anthony Noto to investors notifying them not to expect any meaningful user growth for a certain amount of time has driven many away from the company. The company’s leadership change is quite timely as well.

The resignation of Dick Costolo as Twitter head at the start of the month is taking Twitter by storm. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, the Interim CEO, will remain in position until the company finds a permanent CEO.

Dorsey and the team had admitted that Twitter has had problems due to lax product execution. He said the service is quite complicated and people do not understand how to get value out of the products.

He laid out ideas such as changing the order of how tweets are displayed. Despite the potential of the idea, he said implementing such ideas were going to take time.

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28 May

Here’s A Closer Look As To How Greek Businesses Are Coping Amidst The Financial Storm

Posted in Finance on 28.05.15

Greece’s financial situation is undeniable in the international scene. With over huge amounts of debt and bad loans, Greece is not in a position to negotiate with its financiers. However, business is still moving in Greece, even without the currency.

Energean, a private Greek oil company, pumps 1,800 barrels daily in the North Aegean Sea. It continues to pump oil and continue its development. But due to political constraints and fiscal troubles, the company couldn’t extend its reach in the international oil indistruy.

Energean has US hedge funds backing it, such as the Third Point Fund. While their systems are manageable, no one wants to risk an investment in the Greek financial hole.

Greek Tourism is still increasing amidst the higher tourist prices due to tourism tax and tourist finding Greek ATMs empty of cash.

Olive oil industries are still struggling despite producing 3,000 tonnes. Due to increased global demand for high-quality Greek oil, Greek olive oil businesses are booming.

Contractors for infrastructure development are also operating despite the financial shortage.

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27 Mar

The Noob Guide To Online Marketing [Infographic]

Posted in Internet Marketing on 27.03.15

Beginners can get intimidated by all the details of online marketing. When mentors mention email marketing, lead generators and embed reactors, some beginners can get confused at once. But don’t fret! Here’s a great guide from which helps make sense of the big clutter of online marketing.

Find out my reaction about this infographic after the jump.

My take on this:

SEO is a great thing to have, but it’s not always going to guarantee landing pages. The best thing one could do is to improve on their social media and their content.

Meanwhile, Unbounce’s advice about promotions for lead generation and writing an e-book for content development still makes a huge impact in informative marketing. E-books are a valuable source of information and a cheaper alternative to holding webinars online. An e-book also helps consumers know more about your company, your mission-vision and your personality as a whole.

But for everything else, this should help make things make more sense for beginning Internet marketing specialists.

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28 Jan

The Three Things That Help Consumers Respond Positively To Social Network Campaigns

Posted in Internet Marketing on 28.01.15

Your social network campaign is almost ready. As your experts finalize the plans, it is important that you know regardless of the quantity of paid advertisements you use in social networks, people can respond negatively. There are three reasons for this; they don’t know your brand, you’ve gained some bad reviews online, or the information in your social media accounts are not too trustworthy. Here are three things that consumers look for in a brand.

  1. Transparency

Consumers are wary of advertising language nowadays, especially the younger generation. They can detect a hint of a sell off instantly after reading your first line. Be careful in using marketing language and ensure that you have evidence to support that your company is being transparent about your business’ products and services.

  1. Just Selling, Not Informative

The use of advertising language could persuade some people because it is situational or the offer is attractive as people imagine they just need to pay a bit more to get a packaged deal, which would result in them paying less. In a social network campaign, this can go wrong. People are looking for information in the internet, and sad to say, not your products. Ensure your content is informative. If consumers can trust your information, then they can trust your products and services.

  1. Response Time

It takes a company’s courtesy and priority to answer emails and product questions on social media. Consumers treasure these responses because it enables them to use your products and services to their full extent.

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27 Nov

Three Ways To Deal With Business Development Stress

Posted in Business on 27.11.14

As a proprietor, you have many things running in your mind.  Your worries include the risks and the likelihood your implementations could fail and if your business can stay afloat during the next month. This anxiety dies down as your business gains positive results. However, you’ll just have to understand that running a business means putting people in control of its certain aspects. Here are three ways to help you deal with business development stress.

  1. Let It Go

Micromanagement leaves you in control of so many things about your business. From the production line to the marketing end, you have a say. However, not everything should be done in the way you want it. A proprietor’s job is to have an idea and leave someone who understands the idea in charge of implementing their business interests. In this way, you don’t need to worry; those employees in-charge should be the ones to worry.

  1. Risks

Proprietors should understand that they are also human. Even if people and teams give their best to identify the risks they would take before implementing a certain marketing strategy, their best will not work at all times. This is why businesses should develop a plan B and C for a safety net. It may be meticulous, but your worries will be reduced by half.

  1. Give Everyone a Say

When the business fails, it is not completely your fault. No one is at fault when it does. However, you feel it is your fault when you make the final decision. If you divide the decision system into a low, medium and high system where the proprietors and investors just make the final decision and you allow others to make decisions within their professional scale, you will have less worry and you will understand that the failure or success was because of the cooperation withiny your company.

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24 Oct

Curated or Unique?: The Internet Marketing Showdown

Posted in Internet Marketing on 24.10.14

Let’s face it; blogs, video streaming websites and even consumer websites have a lot of content. With a very difficult uniqueness competition abound, it isn’t too wise to add to the shuffle. However, repurposing content is a good idea.

Curating posts for a certain purpose requires having a brand and an appeal to audiences. However, curating is more of identifying already-created content to fit to your website’s brand.


However, quality could suffer when it comes to curating posts. Without control over the content used, audiences could get turned on or off.


A good example would be when you create a blog that uses different media sources. However, if your curated content is redirected from your social media account to your blog or website and it is not a self-produced product, then it amount to nothing.


However, creating content is hardly easier than curating. Without a good audience, peddling origin content could be very troublesome. But should you gain a small following, the next challenge is to retain the quality of your posts and not to appear as monetising the website, which is the desired end result of any internet marketing venture.


The only things to remember would be to target the audience effectively and remain consistent with content, regardless of being curated or created.

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16 Sep

Three Advanced Ways to Ensure Your Blog Always Generates Profits

Posted in Internet Marketing on 16.09.14

Blogs build business personality, but they also earn profit if companies position them for their marketing strategies effectively. Here are three ways you could ensure that your blog will generate profits for you.

  1. How to Write How To Instructions

How-to instructional guides from Amazon and eBay had helped numerous people make both companies’ services useful and productive for their own end because both companies about fraudulent sellers, scams, security maximisation and other features their website has for consumer protection. Write how-to instructions based on how users could use your business more effectively.

  1. Personal Blogs

A blog is only useful if it portrays the company’s employees as thought leaders. It also reflects well on company marketing because it shows the type of people working in the business. Scheduling a personal blog post in the company website will help build website brand and develop trust with consumers.

  1. Avoiding Distractions

When creating a blog, only use the call-to-action phrase in a passive manner. Not unless being assertive or aggressive is the nature of your blog as part of an branding process, avoiding distractions is the key to ensuring your consumers get a sale. For example, using uniformity and symmetry in your text while only showing enough photos for your products and services will help audiences direct their attention to the items you are selling.

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19 Aug

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Your Media Networks

Posted in Internet Marketing on 19.08.14

Writing a guest blog post or a contributing article to another blog or online magazine? You might not sit well with the audience the magazine has. Fifty-percent of the time, internet marketing is ineffective because most bloggers are advertising or contributing information in the wrong channels. Will your car technicality article do well in an online fashion magazine? Using this example, the post will ascertain the effectiveness of the two different arenas.

1. Target Market
Precisely-targeted audience will take interest in a car technicality post. Contributing this information on an online fashion magazine could only specify a 30% chance a target audience will read the post. If you put the car technicality post on a car magazine, you could reach 80-90% of your target market.

2. Reliability
Now, the company had resubmitted its contributing car technicality post to a car magazine, yet the results are still failing. A company must guarantee that their media partners are reliable. It is possible this car magazine had spread misinformation or has very low quality content, bringing the reputation of your contribution down in the eyes of the public as well.

3. Their Own Backyard
A car magazine can have enough clout to have readers interested in your product, but a company’s post can turn viral if the car magazine has other friends interested in the contributing company’s product or service. Working with a media network that has many partners in many fields related to your advertising can be very helpful.

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